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TPM is the next generation of R.C. Olmstead’s Core Credit Union Processing System, providing all the performance and dependability our customers know and expect in a smooth, enhanced, easy to use Windows™ environment. TPM leverages RCO’s existing system architecture as its proven foundation and pushes it in exciting new directions. Modern in look and feel, boasting built in process improvements, superior system performance and customer support, and focused on creating the best experience possible for member-facing users, TPM increases CU efficiency, simplifies new teller training, and, for existing RCO customers, is a system upgrade that does not require a data conversion. TPM is an intuitive, feature-rich solution that fits the needs of today’s Credit Union, whether you are a new customer or you already have 30 years of experience with our family of products.


Features & Functionality

Application Center

Application Center offers full service, single location account opening and updating for new and existing members, including automatic product activation and a fully populated member signature card both printed as a hard copy and stored for future research.

Multiple Transaction Screen

TPM's Multiple Transaction screen features comprehensive one-click access to member shares, loans, identification, credit cards, account notifications, business signers, and unprinted checks.

Windows™ Environment

Easy point-and-click navigation in a Windows™ environment.

Easy to learn User Interface

Intuitive, common sense layout of menu items and screens – Easy to use, easy to learn.

Photo & Signature Identification

Photo and signature identification is built into the Multiple Transaction screen. In addition, each member record and base account has its own interactive, tiered storage repository to house historical account images and documents (e.g. collateral photos, signature cards) and to allow maintenance on the images currently in use.

Command Shortcuts

Numerous embedded shortcut buttons allow exceptional access to member and account information on the fly.

Shared Branching

Quick, streamlined and easy to use Shared Branching interface.

Report Designer

Drag and drop custom report creation and processing. Single-click submission of individual reports, and easy “set and forget” report library submission.

Research & Retrieval Tools

Simple, integrated research and retrieval tools for historical reports and stored receipts.

One-click File Transfer

One-click file transfer and Aires Examiner file download.

Teller Productivity Features

Engineered to support both point-and-click and keyboard-focused teller transaction work. Multiple Transaction screen layout can be customized to fit the teller’s preference.

Screenshot of Teller Platform Module (TPM)

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